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I have always been the athletic type. I grew up on an acre of land in the outskirts of suburban life in Northern Ohio. My house was the place to be, not only because I had every toy imaginable but also because my Mom stocked a snack cabinet that could make any kid drool.

I had roller skates, jump ropes, a trampoline, above ground pool, bikes of all sorts, a volleyball net and land I could run on for days. My husband grew up with more land than toys but for the most part, we both revel in those memories and hope to give our son, Boone, a similar childhood.

Movement was instilled in me early on. Through youth I played softball, volleyball and as much as I hate to admit it now, was also a cheerleader. During college I could always been found at the gym - the weight room and treadmill were as important as my study notes. After college, and during my next 7 or so years of travel, yoga became my constant. It mixed the movement I loved with a new level of challenge, combining the physicality with a mental and spiritual component, too. I was hooked.

Many, many years later, I became a yoga teacher, opened a few studios and the rest is history.

Over 200 people said YES to my poll when I asked on IG if they'd want to know more about my workout routine so that brings us here. My best self, and I wholeheartedly mean physically, mentally + spiritually, is when I combine modalities. I'll save my body love preach for a different blog but important to note, working out is NOT about being skinny, it's about being healthy.

I've made it a goal to go to a "class" twice a week and I try to be physical most days otherwise. I bike ride with Boone and walk Teddy almost everyday. Love walking the bridge, too. Here's my favorite places to move...


I favor Vinyasa classes, seasonally heated. I like Soul Sundays at Soul, Yin-Vinyasa at Mission and Vinyasa Level 1-2 at Community.


I bounce between Orange Theory (best for cardio), F45 (best for strength) and The Works (best for plyometrics and core). I do like HyLo's Yoga Burn class and consider more of a HIIT class than a yoga class, hence why it's in this category.


I like Barre Evolution for a medium level class and Pure Barre for something a bit harder.


Love Revolution downtown Charleston. Second runner up is Cycle Bar in Mt. P.


For the days you can't make a local class, I'd recommend YogaGlo for all things yoga and/or The Works for streaming of HIIT classes and Tone It Up for a combo.

The perfect week for me (after having a kid) would include a yoga and HIIT class, then I'd sprinkle in a bike ride, greenway walk or bridge run. Sans kid, I'd workout everyday except Sundays.


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