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I’m not a writer by trade but the retrospective nature of it is a means of catharsis for me. It’s where I go for reprieve. When shared, I marvel at its ability to ignite camaraderie and evoke emotion in others. Like when you hear a good beat with lyrics that hit so close to home you wonder if you wrote them yourself. Alone in the car, you feel less so.

I was at a crossroads when FITSNews asked if I’d be a contributor. Scared shitless to be honest. I first heard of them in 2018 when they published a story suggesting I am an unfiltered feminist, quoting parts of a blog about my struggle with body image and identity shift during pregnancy. Then again in 2019 when they said I was complaining about my taxpayer-funded healthcare, referencing stories I posted about mental health services not being covered under healthcare plans.


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